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St. Mary's Regional Hospital

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St. Mary's Regional Hospital

Estimates and Standard Charges


Estimates for medical procedures and services now available online

Want to know what your upcoming procedure or service will cost? Curious how much your insurance will pay? Get an estimate quickly and easily online today.

Estimates are available with or without a MyChart account.

Estimates available for 300 common procedures including:

  • Common Services - our most frequently performed services and procedures
  • Birth - services related to labor and delivery, and postpartum care
  • Imaging - radiology services including X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI
  • Inpatient Medicine - non-surgical treatment requiring a multiple night stay in the hospital
  • Inpatient Surgery - operations or surgical procedures requiring a stay of at least one night in the hospital
  • Laboratory - services related to testing of blood, surgical specimens and other bodily fluids
  • Outpatient Surgery - operations or surgical procedures where you may go home the same day, or spend one night for observation
  • Provider Visits - evaluation or management services performed in a clinic or hospital setting

Ready to get started?

Before you begin, be sure you have your medical procedure name or procedure code (CPT) and insurance information handy.
NOTE: If you are paying directly, you can search without insurance information.

If you do not have a MyChart account:

  1. Visit MyChart and select "Create Estimate as Guest" 
  2. Select an Intermountain Health location and accept the disclaimer
  3. Enter the name of your medical procedure or procedure code (CPT) and your insurance or self-pay 
  4. Add your choice of hospital 
  5. Receive your printable estimate

If you are a MyChart user:

  1. Login to your Intermountain Health MyChart account
  2. Under the main menu under "Billing" select "Estimates" 
  3. Choose "Create a New Estimate" 
  4. Select Intermountain Health location and accept the disclaimer
  5. Search or enter the name of your medical procedure or procedure code (CPT) and your insurance or self-pay 
  6. Receive your printable estimate


If you need help or have questions about your estimate, contact our customer service department at 866-665-2636.

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Current Standard Charges 2023

Standard charges are the amounts a hospital bills patients and/or insurance companies for the services and procedures performed.  However for most patients, hospitals are paid at a level well below standard charges.  

Patients covered by commercial insurance companies have negotiated payment rates with hospitals.  Patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid programs have payment rates determined by federal and state governments.  Patients eligible for financial assistance will also receive lower rates than the standard charges.  These payment rates are much lower than standard charges.  In non-emergency situations, patients should contact their insurance company to understand the medical costs that they will be responsible to pay.  

You can view a list of our current standard charges.  However, please contact your insurance company or our Financial Counselors at the phone numbers listed to understand your estimated medical costs. 



Click here to download Medicare Fee Schedules as of July 2023

Click here to download Standard Charges