Body Fat transfers or Fat Grafting procedures transfers excess fat to an area that is lacking volume such as the face, hands, breasts, or buttocks and yields natural looking results.

  • Face
    Add volume to hollowed or wrinkled areas of the face. Fat transfers of the face can help repair scars to improve appearance of skin.
  • Breast
    Increase the breast size by one or two cup sizes or correct asymmetry of breasts. Can repair radiation tissue damage and can treat breast implant capsular contractures. Fat transfers to the breast can also correct scar deformities from lumpectomy or breast reconstruction.
  • Hips
    Adds volume to achieve a more feminine profile and better waist-hip ratio.
  • Buttocks
    Makes buttocks appear perkier. This procedure is also known as a Brazilian butt lift.
  • Hands and Feet
    Rejuvenates appearance and reduce wrinkles in hands and can help with padding in bony feet.