Developing a Mindfulness Practice

We provide classes, videos, and other resources to help you practice mindfulness and improve your mental well-being. A mindfulness practice is a key part of your overall mental well-being. Being in a growth mindset lets us experiment with healthy ways of meeting life's challenges. Mental well-being goes hand-in-hand with physical well-being.

Support Your Practice With Guided Meditations

Mindfulness can be practiced formally through meditation and informally by bringing awareness to activities during the day.

People who’ve learned mindfulness skills say they cope with stress better, get better sleep, have more energy and enthusiasm for life, and experience less pain. Studies looking into the impact of learning mindfulness have shown small but significant improvements on a wide variety of medical conditions. In short, life just ends up being richer when we show up for the moments of our lives. 

Formal Mindfulness Practices

To practice formally, start by sitting in a comfortable way. You can do this in a chair or on a cushion. (Watch: Different ways to sit for meditation)

Set aside some time to bring awareness to your breath, sound, or sense of touch. These serve as an anchor to the present moment. By bringing the attention to your anchor, the mind’s ability to focus is being strengthened. Set a timer and focus on one of the three chosen anchors. When the time is over, congratulate or celebrate yourself for taking the time to mediate. 

Informal Mindfulness Practices

To practice informally, bring awareness to the activities of your day. For example, bring awareness to how the water feels when you are washing your hands or how the soap looks. The mind wanders and it is often not where our physical body is.

By bringing awareness to the activity, we become present in that moment of our life. Consider picking something like washing your hands or brushing your teeth to bring awareness to. These short videos maybe helpful for informal mindfulness practices:

Guided Meditation Videos

Since mindfulness just means being present with what is happening right now, a lot of people say their quality of life has improved. In short, life just ends up being richer when we show up for the moments of our lives.

These guided meditations can be used any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that mindfulness may be new to you. Let us help answer some questions that we hear often.