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Logan Regional Hospital

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Imaging center

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Our imaging services help doctors see inside your body and diagnose health problems. They also help plan, guide, and monitor your treatment. Imaging services use advanced technology to show the structure and function of your organs, tissues, and vessels. They can detect abnormalities that may affect your health and well-being. Imaging services are performed by trained professionals who communicate with your medical team. They are essential for quality health care and patient safety.

Our imaging specialists provide fast, accurate and reliable results 24/7, so you and your doctor can begin discussing a care plan without delay

What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive imaging services for accurate diagnosis of injuries and diseases, enabling swift treatment initiation.

Network of experts

Intermountain Health has a vast network of experts across six states who can help with diagnostics

Convenient locations

Our imaging services are conveniently located, ensuring easy access to advanced diagnostics for your peace of mind

Advanced technology

Experience cutting-edge imaging technologies for precise diagnostics and comprehensive evaluations, ensuring the highest standard of care

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