Intermountain Rehabilitation Services

Care To Help You Heal

We help you make a full recovery following surgery, pain, or injury. Our providers use a team approach and advanced technology to help you get back to your life.

Coordinated care

Team approach

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Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation Services

A Care Team Centered Around You

Occupational Therapist

Your Occupational Therapist plays a key role in your journey.

Occupational therapists treat people with conditions that interfere with the tasks of daily life. They can help you learn better ways to do household chores, work activities, or daily tasks.

Physical Therapist

Your Physical Therapist plays a key role in your journey.

Physical Therapists can recommend exercises and other techniques to help you regain mobility, strength, and function. They often specialize in areas such as orthopedics.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Your Speech-Language Pathologist plays a key role in your journey.

These therapists treat problems with speaking, language, communication, cognition, and swallowing.

Referring Providers

Intermountain’s Rehabilitation Services are multidisciplinary in nature and are patient-centric, making the individual an important part of his or her own care team. Individualized plans are created, using a team approach, and focused on the individual, tailored to their conditions and their desired outcomes. When you refer to Intermountain Rehabilitation, you can be comfortable in knowing your patient is receiving care from experienced providers, with strict attention to convenience, value, and outcomes-driven practices.

Expanded Care

We offer reconstructive and cosmetic surgery that can repair or re-shape your body. We also offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments in a safe, supervised setting. Our team has a deep level of expertise, with proven processes and excellent outcomes.


Bringing Intermountain Healthcare to you at home.

Bringing Our Expertise To You

Homecare’s clinicians are specifically trained to deliver care in the home environment and utilize other Intermountain services as needed for the patient’s treatment.

Helping You Heal at Home

Intermountain Homecare brings support and treatment to patients allowing them to be in the environment where they want to be, in their own home.