Our experienced physicians provide diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's Disease. We work with every patient to educate them about living with Parkinson's and what options are available. While there is no cure for Parkinson's we can help you learn to manage it.

Parkinson's Disease affects the part of your brain that controls movement and coordination. Patients may experience stiffness of the muscles and have a difficult time walking.

Symptoms of Parkinson's:

  • Stiffness or rigidity of the muscles
  • Difficulties with balance and coordination
  • Slowness of movement (bradykinesia)
  • Difficulties with speech and writing
  • Mood disorders
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Constipation
  • Loss of smell

Treatments and Diagnosis we offer:

  • Neurological Evaluation
  • Deep brain stimulation or DBS (Through IMED only)
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech & language therapy
  • Occupational therapy