About Varicose Veins

When vein valves become diseased or damaged this can result in blood flowing in the opposite direction (down the leg with gravity). These are called Varicose Veins. You may experience pain or ache in your legs along with a tired and heavy feeling at the end of the day. Veins may also appear near the surface of the skin and are frequently visible on the legs, which results in bulging or bluish coloration.

Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins

Our laser treatment typically takes less than one hour and results in minimal scarring. You may also expect a short recovery period and minimal pain.

We first anesthetize the leg locally followed by inserting a laser fiber into the abnormal vein. This delivers laser energy into the affected tissue. Laser energy causes the vein to shrink and collapse. The body will then automatically reroute blood through other healthy veins.

What Can I Expect After The Treatment?

You may resume normal daily activity. While we encourage you to walk following the procedure you should avoid strenuous physical activity for three to four days. Bruising and discomfort may happen for 3 to 10 days following treatment in some patients. Typically, this is treated with oral pain medications and compression stockings.

Endovenous laser procedure will treat the cause of varicose veins for most patients, but additional therapy may be necessary. While laser procedures have 97 percent success rate for venous reflux in the affected vein, there are certain risks your physician will explain to you.

We recommend anyone diagnosed with varicose veins take precautions to prevent future occurrences. Proper diet and nutrition along with regular exercise and compression stockings will help minimize future issues.

How Do I Know If Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins Is Right For Me?

You will need to meet with experts and discuss specific condition and treatment options. Scheduling an appointment with us is recommended. We will be able to discuss options and schedule an ultrasound, which should be done the same day. A procedure appointment may be scheduled within a week for anyone who chooses to proceed. All appointment dates are dependent on your schedule and insurance company's requirements.

Will My Insurance Cover The Costs?

Most insurance companies provide coverage for endovenous laser treatments. Each plan is different and your insurance company may have special requirements. We are happy to work with your insurance company and are pleased to provide interest-free payment plans to assist you, if needed.