Comprehensive arthritis care

Helping you manage and improve your arthritis symptoms and health

Part of TOSH’s Multispecialty Clinic, TOSH’s Arthritis Program offers classes and services designed to help you manage and improve your personal limitations and symptoms of arthritis. We also help elevate your health whether you’re preventing, preparing for, or recovering from surgery.

Experienced trainers and therapists

Relief from your arthritis symptoms

Several effective classes and services

Achieve pain-free movement

Improve health before and after surgery


ArthroFit is the leading exercise class offered at TOSH Arthritis Program. ArthroFit classes offer participants a variety of joint-protective exercises.

Each 50-minute ArthroFit class is led by instructors—skilled and experienced exercise specialists, athletic trainers, and physical therapy assistants—who will guide you through various exercises designed to treat your symptoms.

ArthroFit is also a great option if you’re preventing, preparing for, and/or recovering from surgery.

We also offer ArthroFit At Home, a 50-minute live online class with one of our program’s clinicians. This virtual class is a great alternative for high-risk patients who cannot attend in-person classes at TOSH. No special equipment is needed for ArthroFit At Home classes.

Please contact us for class schedules and pricing. Class sizes are limited for safety and to help create a personalized experience.


Fitness to strengthen your spine.

SpineFit teaches you how to engage in a full-body exercise program while learning how to strengthen and protect your spine. These classes help you improve self-management of pain and activity tolerance. Each SpineFit class offers you flexibility and stretching exercises, low-impact endurance training, aerobic training.


Aquatic Program

AquaFit offers you aquatic therapy (or pool therapy) classes that are held in TOSH’s 25-meter, five-lane pool.


CardioFit is a cardio-focused class that can only be done in conjunction with regular ArthroFit.

Challenge yourself to a longer cardio session! Participants of CardioFit will use recumbent bikes during instructor-guided workouts.

Nutrition Classes

Nutrition classes offer you simple meal planning tips that help you manage your health.

Our four-week, educational and interactive nutrition course teaches you tips for choosing anti-inflammatory foods, how to eat intuitively to help manage chronic pain, and ideas for simple meal planning.