Achieve your peak athleticism

Science-based studies and testing that help you achieve your goals

The TOSH Sport Science team operates in TOSH’s biomechanics lab. The lab features a unique 12-camera 3D motion capture system, high speed synchronized video cameras, an instrumented force treadmill, two fixed in-ground force plates, portable force plates, and other specialized equipment used for recording key biophysical signals, such as in-shoe plantar pressure and muscle activity.

Cohesive team of biomechanists, researchers, and therapists

900 square-foot research lab

Individualized analysis sessions

3D Biomechanical Analysis

A full 3D biomechanical analysis uses TOSH’s 12-camera 3D motional capture system and other specialized equipment to offer you, as a patient or athlete:

  • High resolution of 3D ground reaction forces throughout your stance style
  • Extremely accurate motions of all the segments and joints in your lower body and upper body during running
  • Calculations of joint force, torque, and power

All of this data captured during your 3D biomechanical analysis plays a paramount role in understanding why and how your movements happen. After analyzing your data, our team can narrow in to make your individual plan to help you achieve your desired goals.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is the study of the short-term biological responses to stress caused by physical activity and how your body adapts to repeated bouts of that activity over time.

Most exercise physiology labs are found in university settings, but our exercise/sport physiology program is part of our unified approach to health and wellness, injury prevention, and human performance improvement for patients and athletes of all ages and abilities.

Our educated and certified exercise physiology staff has competed and coached at the highest levels of sport. We use advanced technology to measure your cardiovascular fitness, movement economy, and sport and activity-specific measures—such as speed, power, and force production—to you achieve your optimal health and performance goals.

Our exercise physiology program offers you:

  • VO2 Max testing
  • Lactate/ventilatory threshold
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Running economy
  • Body composition
  • Training consultation
  • Research covering orthopedics, injury reduction, and sport performance

Injury Risk Assessment

In partnership with our sports performance team, our sport science team conducts injury risk assessments to help athletes and patients identify their biomechanical and neuromuscular risk factors of injury. This assessment helps you understand how you can avoid injuries while playing your sport, exercising, etc.

Gait Analysis

The gait analysis uses the resources of the TOSH biomechanics laboratory and consists of a thorough evaluation of movement mechanics. Once data is collected, you will schedule one-on-one meetings with our sport science team so they can clearly explain the results and provide recommendations for improvement. Our team consists of a biomechanist, physical therapists, and exercise specialists.

A gait analysis helps you becoming faster or more efficient, reducing overuse injury risk, and increasing mileage safely.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Our Alter-G® anti-gravity treadmill gives lets us safely manage an injured athlete’s return to training, or increase a healthy athlete’s mileage while minimizing impact forces to avoid injury. The Alter-G® works by unweighting you by as much as 80 percent of your body weight, allowing you to run with reduced impact forces to maintain fitness or add volume to your training plan with a reduced risk of overuse/overtraining.

The Alter-G® can be used as part of a TOSH designed training program, or you can reserve it on a session by session basis.

Supplemental Oxygen Training

Supplemental oxygen training sessions can be performed as part of a TOSH designed training program, or you can schedule session as an addition to your training process on a session by session basis. To learn more about this service, please give our exercise specialists a call.