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9 Tips to Prevent Skin Cancer

9 Tips to Prevent Skin Cancer

By Tawnya Bowles MD

5 min read

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S., with more than a million new cases of skin cancer occurring each year, resulting in more than 10,000 deaths primarily from melanoma

By Lance Madigan

5 min read

6 Ways to Protect Your Skin During Cold Weather
Here are some tips to help reduce chapping and redness and keep your skin healthy and comfortable until spring arrives.

By Brad Rasmussen

5 min read

A sunburn in childhood can dramatically increase your chance of skin cancer later. UV protective clothing and sunblock are the best defense against UV rays.

By Holly Daniels Nelson

5 min read

Skin 20Cancer
Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. More than 2 million people were diagnosed with skin cancer in 2010. This number is larger than all other cancers combined, and the incidence is increasing rapidly.​

By M Jason Hancey MD

5 min read

skin cancer facts
What’s the best thing you can do to decrease your risk of skin cancer, especially in the summer? The number one thing is to protect your skin.

By Lana Pho, MD

5 min read

warts blogs
Warts… for kids they’re embarrassing and adults find them as a mere inconvenience, but what are they? 

By Marc Sanders, MD

5 min read

Not a teenager and still dealing with acne? Nearly every case of adult acne can be treated with professional help from a dermatologist.

By Intermountain Health

5 min read

Former President Jimmy Carter's announcement that he has melanoma made many people wonder: Is melanoma the same thing as skin cancer, and how does skin cancer become more than skin cancer?

By Jason M Carlton

5 min read