Patient Testimonial


Thoughts on a Robotic Sugery

"When Dr. Sparenborg discussed with me, the option of doing robotic surgery compared to open surgery I had no idea that the results would be so satisfactory. If given the option of the type of surgery in any possible future surgeries I would always choose robotic surgery. Robotic surgery worked very well for me. Much less invasive, less healing time, and minimal post surgery pain which I was able to control with over-the-counter Ibuprofen once a day ..."


Expectations for Robotic Surgery

"In my particular case, which involved removing a lymph node tumor in my left pelvic area, I expected a much more traumatic experience. I expected much more pain and a longer healing time. Robotic Surgery alleviated all of those fears and I will always ask for robotic surgery in the future."


What was Your Experience With Dr. Sparenborg?

"I am well please with Dr. Sparenborg. I like his beside manner and that he is upfront in discussing treatment options. He is the first doctor I have ever had that took the time to communicate with me by e-mail to inquire of my condition and healing progress. His nurses are kind, helpful, and appear to be genuinely concerned for their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Sparenborg and his office to anyone."