The Utah Valley Palliative Care Clinic works in coordination with primary care providers to provide palliative care support and treatment to referred patients.

Services We Provide

  • Assessment and management of distressing symptoms (e.g. pain, nausea, constipation, anxiety, fatigue)
  • Assistance with medical treatment decisions
  • Advance Care Planning/Goals of Care
  • Counseling for patients and their family by social worker and/or chaplain
  • Case management for coordination of services and continuity of care

Referred Patient Requirements

  • Adult patients (age 18+) who have a serious and/or life-threatening illness, such as:
    • Cancer
    • Progressive pulmonary, cardiac, renal, or liver disease
    • Progressive neurodegenerative illness (e.g. Dementia, ALS)
  • Patients who have a primary care provider. The palliative care clinician does not take over this role, but supports the treatments administered by the primary care provider.


Referral Procedure

A clinician referral is required for services and treatment at the Utah Valley Palliative Care Clinic. Same-day appointments are not guaranteed, but may be scheduled based on urgency and staff availability. For emergencies, patients will be referred to the hospital emergency department and an inpatient palliative care consult is recommended.

Follow-up Expectations

Referring clinicians can expect the following follow-up:

  • Clinic visit medical note that outlines assessment, recommendations, and/or care plan.
  • The clinic care manager will contact the patient and/or family on a routine basis for follow-up.