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SCL Health Medical Group - Center for Brain and Spine

  • brain and spine
  • neurology
  • non-surgical spine care

There are many types of neurosurgery, and each is complex and delicate. Our neurosurgeons are constantly researching, developing and utilizing procedures that will result in the most positive outcomes and smoothest recoveries possible. Whether you have suffered a stroke, head or spinal cord injury, or have been diagnosed with a neurological disease, our neurosurgeons are here to help you.

Once you are referred to our center either through your primary care physician or a neurology specialist, our doctors will consult and discuss your surgical options with you. The surgeries we perform include neck, back, brain and various types of neuromuscular treatment. We provide you with the most comprehensive neurological services, from diagnosis through recovery and rehabilitation.

Experience with Deep Brain Stimulation

SCL Health Medical Group - Center for Brain & Spine is the only facility in Western Colorado providing neurology subspecialty care for stroke and movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and tremors. The clinic provides general neurology services as well.

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