Behavioral Health in Primary Care

Team-Based Care

At Intermountain Healthcare we offer behavioral health services through your primary care provider. We use a team-based approach to your healthcare. We do this though programs such as Mental Health Integration, Collaborative Care, and Personalized Primary Care. These work together to address your unique healthcare needs.

What is Mental Health Integration?

Mental Health Integration is a program that focuses on quickly identifying mental health concerns and connecting you to the best resources. Our focus is on helping you return to enjoying life and the relationships that make it meaningful.

What is Collaborative Care?

Collaborative Care is a treatment approach that helps patients with low-to-moderate depression and anxiety better manage their symptoms. This dedicated care team works with patients for about 3-6 months, giving them the skills they need to set and reach their self-care goals.

Personalized Primary Care

Personalized Primary Care is Intermountain’s model for making healthcare more personalized and patient-centered. The model allows us to meet and maintain National accreditation standards, focused on providing a customized and quality driven experience.