Why You Should Consider a Total Joint Replacement

After years of activity and everyday stresses, the cartilage around our joints can begin to deteriorate. Because cartilage cushions the joint, that can cause pain and impede your everyday movement. Joint replacement can relieve the pain and discomfort when other treatments haven't worked.

Why Choose Intermountain for a Total Joint Replacement?

Excellent Outcomes

Our program consistently exceeds national benchmarks, with significantly reduced post-op readmissions and complications and shorter hospital stays.

Total Joint Coordinators

These nurses make sure you have the information you need before surgery and follow up with you after surgery to make sure you fully recover.


Long before surgery we begin teaching what to expect and what you can do to ensure a successful surgery and a fast recovery.


Our inpatient physical and occupational therapists will help you get a great start on your recovery and regain mobility. They teach you how to safely complete daily activities.

Knee & Hip Replacement

The knee and hip are the two most common joints that tend to wear down through the years. While joint pain can be treated in a variety of ways, joint replacement surgery can be an option when other treatments fail.