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    Arm and Shoulder Exercises with Minimal Equipment

    Arm and Shoulder Exercises with Minimal Equipment


    Lets start with some dips to build your triceps. You can do dips using almost any stable surface - the bottom of your stairs, some paint cans, a steady chair, etc. In the video below, I demonstrate this exercise and how it can be done at the bottom of some stairs. 

    Next, we'll do a wall push up. It's pretty much the same concept as your traditional push up, and there are some variations you can do with it as well to make it more challenging. 

    The final part of this circuit are lateral raises. You can use soup cans, free weights, etc. I demonstrate a few variations of this exercise, each one targeting a different portion of the upper arm and shoulder. 

    I always recommend doing a five minute warmup before starting any circuit. This can be as simple as going on a brisk walk to help loosen up your muscles and get your heart pumping. 

     - 8-10 dips

     - Rest for 10-30 seconds

     - 8-10 wall pushups

     - Rest for 10-30 seconds

     - 8-10 lateral raises

     - Rest of 30-60 seconds

     - Repeat the circuit (this is where you can add variations to something like the wall pushups or lateral raises, as demonstrated in the video below)