Financial Assistance

Here are some places that offer financial help to people who need a transplant and for living donors  

American Kidney Fund

This non-profit offers grants to dialysis patients, people who have had a kidney transplant, and people who have donated a kidney. The money can be used to cover the costs of health-related expenses, transportation, and medication.

American Liver Foundation

The Transplant Fund from this non-profit helps patients and families. The money raised by them can pay for medical care and may include expenses related to people donating part of their liver.

American Living Organ Donor Fund

This fund is for people who want to donate one of their kidneys. Their job is to protect the rights of living organ donors. They do this by helping people donate organs to a relative or friend in the safest way possible.

American Transplant Foundation - Denver Colorado

The foundation’s Patient Assistance Program is for the most vulnerable patients who need money.

Help Hope Live

This online platform can help families create fundraising pages for loved ones with unmet medical-related expenses.

National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC)

If you know someone who is considering donating a kidney, part of a lung, or their liver, the National Living Donor Assistance Center may be able to pay for up to $6,000 of travel and lodging expenses. The transplant center where the recipient is based will apply on the living donor’s behalf.