Apply for assistance for care in Colorado, Kansas or Montana

When individuals need medical care, financial concerns should not prevent them from receiving treatment. Those in need of emergency care will never be denied treatment or care if they do not have insurance or are unable to pay.

Do you need help paying your bill? Our financial counselors can see if you qualify for financial assistance or discounts, help you set up a payment plan, or discuss your other options.

What Bills Will Intermountain Financial Assistance Cover?

Intermountain Health offers financial assistance to individuals who have received medical care in Intermountain clinics or hospitals. The program is available for most medical care that a medical provider decides is needed. Intermountain Financial Assistance Program only applies to bills with Intermountain Health hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers employed by Intermountain.

  • Eligibility is determined on family size and gross annual household income in relation to the current Federal Poverty Guidelines (updated annually). Individuals may also qualify for financial assistance based on a Medical Hardship.
  • People eligible for financial assistance will not be charged more for emergency, or other medically necessary care than the amounts generally billed (AGB) to insured people.

How to Apply for Intermountain Health's Financial Assistance Program

How to Apply for Colorado Hospital Discounted Care

Colorado Hospital Discounted Care (HDC) is a program that may be able to help with your hospital bill


Apply for assistance for care in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, or Utah

Intermountain Health is committed to providing medically necessary care by offering Financial Assistance to area residents that qualify.

View Financial Assistance Program Summary in English or Español.

How to Apply for Intermountain Health's Financial Assistance Program

  • Apply online - learn how
  • If you received (or plan to receive) medical care in an Intermountain hospital, call (800) 705-9175
  • If you received (or plan to receive) medical care in an Intermountain clinic, call (800) 748-4248
  • If you are interested in payment options, please call (866) 415-6556
  • To apply for Financial Assistance in person, visit your local hospital or clinic where you receive services.


Automatic Cash Discounts for Uninsured Patients

Uninsured hospital patients who do not qualify for other assistance programs (such as Medicaid) receive an automatic discount on their bill. For more information, contact the hospital where you received care.