When those who live in our communities need care, financial concerns should not prevent them from receiving treatment. Intermountain Healthcare offers a Financial Assistance Program for medical care provided in Intermountain clinics and hospitals for residents of Intermountain’s service area. The program is for most medical care that a medical provider decides is needed. Intermountain’s Financial Assistance Program only applies to bills with Intermountain Healthcare hospital, clinics, and some healthcare providers employed by Intermountain.

How Do I Apply

Individuals can apply for financial assistance online (intermountainhealthcare.org/assistance) through the links below.

  • If you received (or plan to receive) medical care in an Intermountain hospital, call (800) 705-9175
  • If you received (or plan to receive) medical care in an Intermountain clinic, call (800) 748-4248
  • If you are interested in payment options, please call (866) 415-6556
  • To apply for Financial Assistance in person:
    1. visit your local hospital or clinic where you receive services; or
    2. visit our Financial Assistance Office:
      Intermountain Healthcare
      4646 Lake Park Boulevard
      Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Hospital Discounts for Uninsured Patients

Uninsured hospital patients who do not qualify for other assistance programs (such as Medicaid) receive an automatic discount on their bill. For more information, contact the hospital where you received care.


How to Apply

All medical care is provided at Intermountain Healthcare facilities in a timely manner regardless of ability to pay.


Financial Assistance FAQ

Intermountain provides financial assistance to residents of the communities we serve who are otherwise unable to pay. This assistance is available to the insured and uninsured based on income and personal circumstances.


Other Resources

A number of public and private programs are available to help patients who are unable to pay for medical treatment such as state Medicaid programs, community clinics, and other additional resources.