Behavioral Health

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you accept my insurance? 

    We are contracted with several different insurance providers.  Some of these include SelectHealth, EMI, PEHP, DMBA, and BCBS. Please call our Assessment, Referral, and Consultation Services team if you have questions on our insurances.   

  2. Are these providers contracted with my insurance? 

    We recommend you call your insurance to verify your mental health benefits. Each insurance plan has a different amount of coverage, and each plan is unique with who is considered in-network with the plan.  When you call the insurance, please verify the provider you are scheduled with is in network with your insurance. You will also want to verify your mental health benefits. We can work with out-of-network insurance as well. We recommend you contact your insurance and learn about your out of network benefits. 

  3. Do I bring my child or adolescent?  

    Yes, please be sure to bring your child with you to each appointment unless the provider states otherwise. 

  4. Do I have to be at the appointment?  

    Yes, we need a legal guardian to attend the first appointment. The guardian will be required to sign consent forms and will provide the treating clinician/team with a good history of the child or adolescent. We will also want to talk with the legal guardian about goals and timelines for treatment.   

  5. Could someone other than a legal guardian bring the child or adolescent?  

    We ask the legal guardian to attend the first appointment/admission. After this you may be able to have another trusted adult bring the child to appointments.   

  6. How long will the appointment last?  

    Depending on the service, outpatient appointments could last between 30 minutes to a few hours. If you are admitting to IOP, day treatment or the inpatient unit, the admission may be a couple of hours.   

  7. What is the provider like?  

    All our providers specialize in working with children, adolescents, and families. Some providers specialize in certain types of diagnoses or certain types of treatment modalities. The Assessment, Referral, and Consultation Services team will match your child to the clinician who best fits your child’s needs.    

  8. What should I tell my child or adolescent about the visit? 

    We encourage being upfront and honest with your child or adolescent. Let your child know you care about them and are interested in ensuring they have the support they need. Let them know they are not alone, and you also want to learn the best way you can support them.   

  9. How long is treatment?  

    Treatment is individualized to each child, adolescent, and family. During the first appointment/admission we will work with you on setting treatment goals. Once these goals have been accomplished, we will begin discussing discharging your child or adolescent from treatment.