Heart Center

Cardiothoracic Surgery

At the Heart Center, we have the technology and skills to make surgeries safer and better. We’re proud of our advancements and expertise, but we’re even more proud of how we take care of our patients. Learn a little more about what we do here.

Our Care

We’re making sure patients have easier access to all levels of cardiac care. We’re also reducing the time it takes for vulnerable patients to get treatment.   

We are in the process of creating a dedicated Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), which will have the same advanced capabilities of our Cardiac ICU. In the CCU, we will be able to make sure all patients receive the right level of care without logistical delays. This new in-patient model will be located near the current Cardiac ICU. 

Learn About Our Team

Our surgical team is experienced and can solve complex problems quickly under pressure. More importantly, they develop real relationships with patients and parents. Our entire team becomes your team.  

  • Surgeons 
    Our three cardiovascular surgeons often operate together and work as a team. The surgeons get to know patients and families before and after surgery and are always willing to answer questions.   
  • Cardiac Care ICU Physician Team 
    Six dedicated ICU physicians are in the hospital 24/7 to ensure the sickest surgical patients have the most dedicated level of care. Our ICU physicians are also national leaders in critical care.
  • Dedicated Cardiac Nurse Manager and CCU 
    After surgery, we have dedicated cardiac caregivers and space for patients and families. Our 31-bed Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) is a central location for congenital heart disease patients within the hospital. 

Our Technologies

  • EchoPixel 
    This transforms Echocardiograms, CT scans, and MRIs into true three-dimensional images. Our team then uses these images to plan each surgical repair in advance. We are one of the first five hospitals in the world to have adopted this breakthrough technology.   
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support/VAD 
    We use Mechanical Circulatory Support systems to give our patients’ hearts and lungs the support and time they need to recover. These treatments can also give patients time to pursue other options or wait for a transplant.  

  • Hybrid Operating Room and Catheterization Lab Suite 
    We have a Hybrid Suite that combines a cardiac operating room and a catheterization lab into one space. Sometimes, a patient needs a catheter before or after surgery, or a catheter patient needs an operation. The Hybrid Suite lets us offer both services without any break in care or need to move the patient.  

  • Innovative Techniques and Breakthrough Surgical Devices – “Valve Center” 
    Whenever possible, we try to offer options for both invasive and minimally invasive treatment.  Some of our treatment options include Aortic Annuloplasty rings, Transcatheter/Percutaneous valves, and refined approaches with the Ross Procedure.  

Our Reputation

Always Improving 

We participate in 7 different national registries (benchmarking platforms) to share best practices with partner institutions. We are also running more than 30 different quality improvement projects to make our quality of care even better.  

Sharing Knowledge 

Our surgeons are closely involved with regional and national societies. This makes it easier for them to collaborate with other institutions to find the best devices and methods to care for our patients.

Our surgeons are leaders in the Congenital Heart Surgeons Society, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, American Association of Thoracic Surgeons, and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery.