The medical imaging program at Primary Children’s focuses solely on imaging care for children. Our state-of-the-art, child-friendly facilities are committed to the health and healing of children. Our staff is highly trained in pediatric imaging and is dedicated to offering an exceptional and professional experience for children and parents.  

What Sets Us Apart

It is important to understand that children are not just little adults. They require differences in the way images are obtained and interpreted. Our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced staff, and child-friendly facilities are dedicated solely to the imaging care of children and adolescents.  

  • Specialized Care:

    Pediatric images look different than adult images, and it is essential to have someone reading and performing these procedures that has extensive pediatric experience and understands normal development, and the scope of pediatric disease. Your child's exam will be performed by a pediatric trained technologist who has experience working with babies, children, and teens. The images are then reviewed by a board certified pediatric radiologist. All of our radiologists have participated in well recognized and certified residency and fellowship programs and hold Certificates of Added Qualifications in areas such as Pediatric Radiology, Neuroradiology, and Interventional Radiology. 
  • Advanced Technology:

     Our equipment and protocols are customized for pediatric imaging. For exams that use radiation, we utilize imaging techniques and standards outlined by the Image Gently program to ensure the lowest possible radiation exposure during procedures. 
  • Environment:

    We understand that it can be difficult for kids to feel comfortable in a hospital or doctor's office. That is why we go to great lengths to create a kid-friendly environment. We have Certified Child Life Specialists who use developmentally appropriate education to help children feel more comfortable and better cope during their exam. Additionally, we offer various options for distraction therapies, such as video goggles or music. 
  • Sedation Services:

     If needed, we provide sedation or anesthesia by a dedicated team to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient. 

What to Expect


You may pre-register your child before the day of their exam, or on the same day. A representative from Primary Children’s should contact you to help you to pre-register. If you are unable to pre-register, a patient representative in imaging will do this with you when you arrive for your child’s exam. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled exam time and bring your doctors order (if it was given to you) and insurance information with you. You may also fax the order to 801-662-1809. If your child will be receiving sedation or contrast, you will need to provide a list of all medications that your child is currently taking. It is important to be on time. Your child’s test may need to be rescheduled if you are late. When you arrive in imaging, check in with a patient representative. Once you have checked in please do not leave the department. 

Canceling or Rescheduling 

If you need to reschedule or cancel your child’s exam, please contact 801-662-1800 as soon as possible. 


Test results will be available from your child’s physician in one to two days. Results can be made available more quickly in urgent situations or if requested by your child’s physician. 

Exam Preparation 

Some exams require special preparations. We have provided information sheets on preparation requirement for the exam for which your child may be scheduled. If you have questions or concerns about the exam preparation you may contact 801-662-1800. 


Some imaging procedures will require sedation to help your child to hold still, and to decrease anxiety. If your child’s doctor determines that sedation is appropriate for your child, it will be ordered at the same time that the imaging procedure is ordered. If sedation is needed, fasting will be required. A nurse will contact you one to two days before the procedure to give you age-specific instructions for preparing your child. If you have questions or concerns about sedation procedures please call 801-662-1870 to speak with a nurse. Sedations are supported by the Nurse Practitioner Service which is under the direction of Pediatric Anesthesiology. 

Radiation Safety 

Primary Children’s Imaging utilizes Image Gently Protocols to ensure the lowest possible radiation exposure during procedures. For more information regarding radiation safety please visit