Dialysis Center

What Sets Us Apart

Our staff provides your child with the best medical care possible. Your child's healthcare team will work together with you and your child to develop a treatment plan. 

Multidisciplinary Team

Each team member specializes in pediatrics and plays an important role in your child's treatment plan. In addition to board certified pediatric nephrologists, intensivists, and dialysis nurses, your child's pediatric dialysis team also includes the following: 

  • Pediatric renal dietitian
  • Pediatric renal social worker
  • Child life specialist
  • School teacher

Supportive Care

Pediatric dialysis specialists at Primary Children’s are committed to helping your child live as normally and comfortably as possible.

Kid-Friendly Environment

The Pediatric Dialysis Center was designed with children’s needs at the top of mind. The unit is a comfortable, caring space that helps nurture your child during treatment. The unit provides the following:

  • Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Games
  • One-on-one instruction with a school teacher

National Recognition

We are a member of the SCOPE (Standardized Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Endstage Renal Disease) Dialysis Collaborative. The SCOPE Collaborative works to develop the most effective treatment plans for children who need dialysis. Our involvement with SCOPE helps us keep your child safe, prevent dialysis-related infections, and live a healthy, happy life.

What to Expect

When your child’s kidneys are not working properly, dialysis helps filter the waste from the blood and helps your child start to feel better. While dialysis is rare in children, kids with chronic renal disease, acute kidney failure and other systemic conditions (e.g., lupus) may need it.

At Primary Children’s Hospital, your child will receive personalized dialysis on the Pediatric Dialysis Center. Primary Children’s offers the only onsite dialysis unit in Utah dedicated to specifically to children.

Kidney Transplant

Children on dialysis are often candidates for a kidney transplant. After the transplant, they may no longer need dialysis. 

Learn more about Kidney Transplant >

The Primary Children's Dialysis Center has been serving children with kidney disease for more than 35 years. Our professional, highly-trained healthcare staff will provide  your child with the best medical care as they have for thousands of children diagnosed with kidney disease. 

Many families feel scared and overwhelmed when their child first receives a kidney disease diagnosis. Our team of trained healthcare professionals is here to provide your child with excellent medical care. At the Primary Children's Dialysis Center, our goal is to help children with kidney disease live the healthiest lives possible.