The terms backover and frontover refer to when an infant or child is accidentally rolled over by a moving vehicle in a driveway or parking lot. Though this may seem like a rare occurrence, it happens regularly and carries serious consequences.

In fact, in the warm weather months, every seven days a Utah child is run over in a driveway or parking lot. In the past 10 years, more than 60 Utah children have been killed and more than 500 have been injured by accidental backovers and frontovers. In the U.S., more than 580 children have died in backover/frontover accidents in the last five years, and over 15,000 are injured every year.

These accidents can happen to anyone, but are preventable by taking a few precautions - and only a few seconds.

Preventing Backovers & Frontovers

To reduce blind spots:

  • Make sure your side and rear mirrors are always properly adjusted.
  • Adjust your driver's seat as high as needed to see clearly out the rear window.
  • Have a backup camera? Great! But remember: even backup cameras have blind spots.

It's important to teach your children not to play in, under or around vehicles, but just in case, it only takes a few seconds and a few simple precautions to prevent a backover or frontover accident.

  • Make sure you know where all of your children are before you start to drive away, but with a full house - or a full neighborhood - you can never assume that everyone is out of harm's way.
  • While drivers of large trucks, vans or SUVs should be especially cautious, every driver should follow these steps before leaving a driveway or parking lot.

Always remember to:

child safety

Did You Know?

  • The most common victim age is one year old - children under five years of age are at the most risk.
  • High profile vehicles such as trucks, vans and SUVs, have the worst front and rear visibility.
  • Mid-morning or late afternoon are when the most accidents happen.
  • Most accidents occur when a parent or guardian is driving.
  • Backup cameras have blind spots!

child safety

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Request a Spot the Tot Sticker

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