Guidelines for Special Visitors to Inpatient Areas

All special guests and visitors must apply and be approved prior to visiting Primary Children’s Hospital. To provide a positive experience for special visitors, patients and families at the hospital, all visitors must review and agree to these guidelines for application to be considered.
  • All special visits should be pre-arranged at least 2 weeks before the visit date. All guests and visitors must fill out the special visit application and be notified of approval before they arrive at the hospital.
  • All special guests and visitors must check in at Security and receive an identification badge and must always be accompanied by a Child Life or Foundation team member.
  • The number and ages of visitors in a group may need to be limited according to current hospital visitation guidelines.
  • Special guests and visitors may not be allowed to go room-to-room, depending on current visitation guidelines
  • Photos and recordings of patients and families are not permitted.
  • Media involvement is not permitted.
  • If you have been approved to wear a costume, it must be dry cleaned within 24 hours of the visit.
  • All visitors must adhere to our year-round visitor health guidelines which include:
  • All visitors must be feeling well and healthy – we are happy to reschedule a visit.
  • Please ensure that every member of the group:
    • Is free of a cough and/or runny nose.
    • No fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the last two weeks.
    • No exposure to communicable diseases like pink eye, rashes, measles, mumps, TB, and chicken pox in the previous 30 days.
  • Any toys or prizes that will be donated or handed out to patients and families must be approved prior to distribution at an event. No personal information and/or stories can be attached. Items must be new with tags still attached and in original packaging.
  • All group members will respect patient confidentiality. Information gained during the visit must NOT be discussed or shared outside the hospital.
  • All group members will follow directions of hospital staff.
  • Special visitors assume all responsibility for personal belongings and equipment. The hospital is not liable for loss or damage.
  • No political, religious, or solicitous messages of any kind are allowed.
  • Special visitors may be asked to fill out a “Gift-in-Kind" form

Apply to be a Special Visitor

Please apply using the form below. Once you application to be a special visitor has been reviewed, you will receive notification either confirming or denying your visit. Before your visit, hospital staff will provide information where to park, where to enter, and how to appropriately engage with patients.

Special visitors that arrive at the hospital without prior approval will be turned away.

Special Visitors Application

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