High-quality care at Intermountain begins long before a patient enters one of our hospitals or clinics. It starts with innovative research.

Our long and distinguished history of leading cutting-edge clinical research began in the 1950s, two decades before Intermountain formally came into being in 1975. At this time, investigators at our original flagship hospital, LDS Hospital, conducted formal biomedical research studies. Since then, our research activities have expanded dramatically.

Over the years, Intermountain researchers have been involved in many thousands of studies across dozens of clinical specialties. With the merger of Intermountain Health and SCL Health in April 2022, we are now able to serve patients in hospitals and clinics across Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana. Currently, over 1,600 studies are open and actively underway within the Intermountain system. The discoveries that come out of these studies improve Intermountain’s care delivery performance in our facilities, as well as advance medical knowledge within the healing profession.


Areas of Research

We conduct medical research in over 20 specialized clinical areas.


Research Resources

Comprehensive resources are available to researchers through Intermountain’s Office of Research.


Media and Publications

Medical journals and media outlets publish our cutting-edge clinical research.