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Cancer care

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Lung cancer

We're leading the way in early lung cancer detection and treatment using cutting-edge technology and innovative surgical techniques.

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Finding new ways to fight lung cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, most cases are diagnosed after symptoms occur. That's why we're committed to finding new ways to improve how quickly we can detect lung cancer and advance its treatment.

Early detection expertise

We use advanced tests and diagnostics, such as low-dose Lung CT, to detect lung cancer when it’s most treatable.

Safer screening

Some of our locations use cutting-edge, robotic-assisted bronchoscopy, allowing for a safer and more effective lung biopsy.

Multi-skilled care team

Our lung cancer specialists are just one part of a broader cancer treatment team that gives you comprehensive, coordinated care.

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Our services

These are some of the services we provide as part of our lung cancer program.

  • CT and MRI scans

  • Sputum cytology tests

  • X-rays

  • Bronchoscopy

  • Thoracic medical oncology

  • Thoracic radiation oncology

  • Thoracic surgical oncology

  • Thoracentesis

  • Thoracotomy

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Why screening can save your life

As part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we spoke to Fox News about the importance of early screening if you're over 50 and have a smoking history.

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Learn the signs and risk factors for lung cancer

If you've got a cough, you might think it's a common cold or COVID-19 infection. But if it lasts longer than eight weeks, it's time to check your lungs.

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