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Our team approach gives healthcare providers the information and support needed to prepare a customized, targeted treatment plan for each patient.

The scientists at Intermountain Precision Genomics can conduct DNA analysis to determine what types of treatment may work best for your patients and even screen their DNA for hereditary risk of disease, presenting the opportunity for early detection.

Our Services

TheraMap For Providers


The path to overcoming advanced cancer begins with TheraMap, a personalized approach to cancer care for your patients.
RxMatch For Providers


RxMatch allows healthcare providers to incorporate genomic data as a decision-making support tool when prescribing drugs in the care of their patients.
Genetic Counseling For Providers

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counselors help you and your patients navigate the evolving nature of genetic testing and gene mutations.

Genetic Laboratory Stewardship

Genetic laboratory stewardship is the process of evaluating the use of genetic services, including testing, to improve patient care and safety.