Intermountain leverages its Clinical Program Infrastructure to develop Care Process Models (CPMs). For each project, a development team is convened. Development teams include physicians, operational support, and statistical support. In developing and managing CPMs for the Priority Clinical Areas (PCAs), development team membership at a minimum includes the following:

  • At least one practicing clinician who is an expert in the PCA.
  • At least one practicing provider who is an expert in the relevant imaging procedures.
  • At least one primary care provider where the primary care provider is, as defined in section 1861 of the Social Security Act, a physician who has a primary specialty designation of family medicine, internal medicine, geriatric medicine, pediatric medicine or is a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or physician assistant.
  • At least one expert in statistical analysis.
  • At least one expert in clinical trial design.

Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure

One clinical member of the development team is designated as the development team leader. All participating team members are screened for conflicts of interest in accordance with Intermountain’s conflict of interest (COI) policy. In this policy, employees and contracting medical providers are required to annually complete a general COI disclosure/screening survey. Visit the "Conflict of Interest Disclosure" page to find a copy of the COI policy and disclosure/screening survey.

In order to fully comply with PAMA regulations, more specific screening questions will need to be included for AUC development team members. Intermountain is currently developing these amended questions and will update this document and associated COI attachments once completed. 

Participation of development team members with any potential COI identified by screening must be approved by Clinical Program and Imaging Services executive leadership. Upon request, Intermountain discloses all COI information required by regulation to outside parties.