Free Joint Replacement Classes at Intermountain Healthcare

It’s natural to have questions and concerns before you have total joint replacement surgery. That’s why Intermountain offers a free informational session where you will learn important information and tips to make your surgery and recovery as smooth as possible. Choose from classes that cover all joint replacements or ones that just cover what you need to know for either hip, knee, or shoulder replacement surgery.

There are classes offered throughout Utah at various times during the week. If your schedule and location permits, we recommend that you attend a class offered by the facility at which you will be having your surgery.

Taught by registered nurses with special training in orthopedic care, each class focuses on what you need to know about:

  • Preparing for your surgery
  • What will happen when you come to the hospital
  • What is involved in the surgery
  • Possible complications
  • The roles of everyone involved
  • Controlling pain and being safe
  • Planning for your recovery at home  


Here’s what others have to say about Intermountain’s Joint Replacement classes:

“The Total Joint Class was a great help in preparing me for my knee replacement.  I had SO many questions, and all of them were answered during the class.  As it turned out, this surgery was one of the best things I ever did for myself; it has literally changed my life. This journey all began with the Total Joint Class and the feeling of reassurance that it gave me prior to the surgery.”

Helen, Total Knee Replacement

“For me, it was so valuable knowing what to expect about my hospital experience.  It eased my anxiety. I also enjoyed being able to talk with others in the same shoes — I even made friends with another lady during the class that I have played cards with once a month ever since.”

Ruth, Total Hip Replacement

“Before the joint class, I didn’t realize what I needed to do to be able to recover at home (and how much faster I would recover if I did so at home). The instructor had so many great tips for every phase of the surgery and rehab. My hospital and recovery experience would have been much harder without all this great information.”

Dave, Total Knee Replacement