Targeted exercises and physical therapy can also help the body find relief from pain or heal following an injury or illness. At Intermountain, we rely on advanced technologies and employ teams of physical therapists to work together as they help patients manage pain, regain movement, and live a healthier life. These experienced healthcare professionals will spend time with you to understand your unique condition, level of activity, and individual needs before building a personalized treatment plan.

Benefits of Exercise

An essential part of living well and maintaining good health is regular exercise. As you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which function as your own natural painkillers. We often hold tension in our bodies due to stress, which can be painful and may cause permanent damage over time. Regular exercise releases this tension, helping you gain greater flexibility and feel more relaxed.

Furthermore, some forms of exercise—including weight training or lifting—can help strengthen our muscles and bones that support your body and can help to prevent injuries. Exercise can also lower high blood pressure and cholesterol while increasing your stamina and energy.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

A physical therapy treatment plan may involve stretching, weight lifting, and cardio activities to build stamina and movement. Therapists may also use heat, cold, and other forms of stimulation to enhance your progression.

As you and your team of therapists work through your treatment plan, you will notice that daily activities and tasks become less painful and easier to complete, from walking up the stairs to making the bed. Over time, your movement, endurance, coordination, and balance will also improve.

Physical therapy is more than just a temporary fix, your experienced team of qualified therapists will help you identify long-term solutions and exercises to manage pain and reduce future injury. To learn more, talk to your doctor to learn more about how physical therapy and exercise may help you fight pain and live healthier.

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