To further Intermountain's vision of "Excellence in the provision of healthcare services to communities in the Intermountain region," our out-patient pharmacies are available to work with patients to ensure correct and safe medication use. For some patients this is a new idea while others may have already enjoyed the benefits of access to a skilled medication specialist. Our pharmacists are an excellent resource for advice on medication use, information about the effects of specific medications, information of drug interaction with prescription and non-prescription medications, and helping patients get the most benefit out of their medications. If you have any questions about our services, please talk with your local pharmacist.


Dietary Supplements and OTC Advice

Find over the counter advice and information about dietary supplements.


Disposing of Medication

Find information about managing medication including dietary and over the counter advice and how to dispose of medication.


Flushable Medications

Find a list of medications you can dispose of in the sink or toilet.