Dietary Supplements

Intermountain Healthcare Community Pharmacies carry a variety of dietary supplements for the benefit of our patients and patrons.

Recognizing that dietary supplements are an integral part of some of our patients lives we strive to provide not only high quality supplements, but comprehensive medical information about the proper and safe use of supplements.

Although dietary supplements may be purchased without a prescription, the ingredients in many supplements may have serious interactions with a patient's current medical conditions or medications. Anyone who is planning to take dietary supplements should consult with their pharmacist about which supplements can be taken safely with their current drug regimen.

To provide our patients and patrons with quality dietary supplements, we have chosen to only carry products that are United States Pharmacopeia (USP) verified dietary supplements. This designation indicates that USP has verified that quality, purity, and potency of the dietary supplement and helps us provide our patients and patrons with high quality products.

Over The Counter (OTC) Advice

Over the counter medications, often referred to as OTC's or OTC products are common items like cough syrup, cold and flu tablets, or general pain relief items found in many stores. The majority of these items are so common that most people may not immediately think of them as medications. It is important to realize that these items are medications with side effects, and drug interactions like any other medication.

Intermountain Community Pharmacies provide a wide variety of OTC medications for the benefit of our patients and patrons. We feel it is important to recognize that although these medications can be purchased without a prescription, they still have the potential of producing adverse reaction when not used appropriately.

If you have questions about selection or proper use of OTC medications our pharmacists will be happy to provide you with information about proper use and potential interactions with other medications or current medical conditions.