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Locations | Physical Medicine

Find and search for Intermountain Healthcare locations that offer physical medicine services.

Locations | Diabetes & Endocrinology

Find and search for locations that offer diabetes and endocrinology services at Intermountain Healthcare.


Trauma can be the result of a very stressful event or multiple events that damage our sense of security. It can make you feel helpless and as if you are ...

Surgery | Pediatrics

When it is time for the surgery, the anesthesiologist [ann-ess-THEE-see-AH-loh-JIST] will either carry your infant or toddler to the operating room, or your ...

Pregnancy help from Intermountain

How we can help you get pregnant · Blood tests to check for STDs, hormone levels, and ovulation · Vaginal ultrasound and exam · Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) · Oral ...

Locations | Eye Care

Find and search for locations that offer eye care at Intermountain Healthcare.

Services | Emergency Services

Find emergency services offered at Intermountain Healthcare.

Pneumonia | Respiratory Care

Face masks. Wear a mask when cleaning or working in dusty or moldy places. This can help prevent the bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia from getting into ...

Dermatitis | Allergy and Immunology

Contact dermatitis is a rash caused by your skin touching something that irritates it or something you're allergic to.

Glaucoma | Eye Care

Treatments · Medicines. Medicines for glaucoma are given as eyedrops or taken by mouth. · Laser trabeculoplasty [tra-BEK-yoo-low-PLAS-tee]. This treatment helps ...