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Sports medicine & performance

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A man jogs on a treadmill while sensors measure his vital signs and display them on a computer monitor

Performance health and sports training

With decades of sports performance experience, our athletic trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and psychologists will take you to the next level. We have experts ready to help you in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Utah.

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Developing the sports stars of tomorrow

We blend 30+ years of experience to help you reach your potential. Our team of exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, research assistants, biomechanists, and nutritionists work to give you a comprehensive care experience.

Proven results

The average results of patients using our training programs include 33% faster foot speed and a 50% faster recovery rate.

Advanced facilities

We use cutting-edge technology such as high-speed treadmills, 3D video analysis, and a laser timing system for sprint testing.

Personalized care

Each program adapts to your individual needs based on your age, sport(s), pre-test results, and training goals.

Squats with the medicine ball

Our services

We offer onsite services that apply to any sport; some are available off-site, too, such as in a school.

Performance therapy

  • Return to play programs

  • Preventative ACL training

  • Performance Running

Performance testing

  • Physiologic, EMG and VO2 testing

  • 3-D motion capture analysis

  • Force plate assessments

Performance training

  • Speed & power training

  • Velocity based training

  • Sports specific programs (at select locations)

A team approach to your care

Services are available at locations throughout Utah and Southern Idaho.

Our performance therapy services include the following.

Return to play programs

ACL Bridge provides a safe and challenging program resulting in the athlete’s return to full activity. When an athlete suffers an injury that requires the help of physical therapy or surgery before returning to action, the impact is far reaching. With most athletes there is a gap, physically and psychologically, that one must bridge to feel and perform at their highest level in both sports and recreational activities. Each session is personalized to the individual’s abilities and consists of four components.

  • Super treadmill incline running & backpedal forward
  • Agility & multi-directional drills
  • Plyometric training
  • Resistance training  

Program overview

  • 2 visits, 1.5 hours per session
  • Start date will be determined by the referring physician
  • 2-3 visits per week; the program is approximately 3 months in duration
  • Program cost can be covered by insurance for qualified athletes and with a PT referral. Cash pay options are also available.


  • Pre and post test evaluations are performed by a physical therapist, L/ATC or exercise physiologist Personalized and periodized strength program
  • Over 35 hours of exclusive training with exercise and rehabilitation specialist

Preventative ACL training

Performance running

It takes time, dedication, miles, and a whole lot of guts for an endurance athlete to go the distance. Our adult athlete program improves stamina, strength, mobility, addresses and prevents both chronic and acute injuries, and dials in bio-mechanics. Whether you’re new to running or have run multiple marathons and compete at the highest level, we have the program, the experts, and passion to help you go the distance.

Program Includes

  • Computerized Gait Analysis
  • 3 Consultations with a Physical Therapist
  • 12 training sessions with an Exercise Physiologist Program cost is covered by insurance for qualified athletes. Ask a team member for cash pay options.
    • Mobility
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Speed
    • Plyometric Training
    • Injury prevention strategies
    • Individualized coaching on form and running economy
  • A La Carte Menu
    • Sports Nutrition with Lucy Sorenson, RD Sports
    • Psychology with Dr. Ron Chamberlain
    • V02 Testing with Tiffany Gust, EP Bod Pod Testing
    • EMG Analysis with Acceleration


Our performance testing services include:

  • Physiologic testing
  • 3-D motion capture analysis
  • Force plate assessments
  • EMG Testing
  • VO2 Max Testing

Our performance training services include:

  • Speed & Power training
  • Velocity Based Training - VBT is an advanced form of strength training that relies upon speed and quality of the movement and load lifted, versus simply the weight, or quantity, of the load. It is our most effective and individualized form of training for injury reduction and producing results in a relatively short training period.
  • Sports specific programs (available at select locations)
    • Baseball: Hitting and Pitching Analysis
    • Soccer: Kicking Analysis
    • Football, Soccer, and Baseball Performance - These group classes combine our time-tested, scientifically proven protocols to improve speed, power and agility with sport specific drills to enhance skills unique to the athlete’s sport.

Exercising with a personal trainer

TOSH training schedule

TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital) in Murray empowers athletes of all abilities through a comprehensive 6 to 12-week schedule. To meet your individual needs, you can personalize the program and choose from modules, including ground-based training, plyometric drills, treadmill running, flexibility, strength training, agility, and endurance.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our services.

Our speed and power packages focus on overall athleticism, so we only incorporate sport-specific skills into some sessions. We build drills to enhance sport-specific skills and offer relevant assessments and classes for those wanting to work on specific skills.

We have several dedicated programs if your focus is on a particular sport:

  • Bike fitting and efficiency assessments
  • Baseball and Softball training program
  • Soccer training program
  • Hitting and pitching analysis
  • Injury return to play programs
  • Endurance athlete training
  • Performance running analysis

The majority are cash-pay services, but some services specific to injury recovery may be covered by insurance.

Each training session ranges from 60-75 minutes depending on the location.

We recommend 2-3 weekly sessions, avoiding consecutive days until your package is complete for optimal results.

We will put your sessions on hold until you're cleared to return to training.

Our focus is improving overall athleticism so you'll perform better regardless of sport. Speed, explosive power, strength, agility, coordination, and stamina are key elements of every session.

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