Our science-based, proprietary equipment is built for intense results. Athletes train on the technologically advanced Super Treadmill, designed to recreate your experience on the field, the court, or the track. Our strength training equipment builds a base for explosive strength and dynamic agility while minimizing stress on your body. Here are details about some of the tools we use to help you reach your best results.

Super Treadmill

If you want to get faster and more explosive on the field or court, you have to teach your body to move faster than it knows how. The Super Running Treadmill (RTM) from Athletic Republic ramps up from 0-28 mph in less than 3 seconds. Standard treadmills cannot produce the speed or stability the RTM provides.

Using our sport-specific protocols, the RTM safely pushes athletes beyond their ground-based training limits by forcing them to work harder and run more efficiently to reach peak speeds and maintain them for longer durations. With inclines up to 40%, incline running on the RTM forces athletes to run with the same form of an Olympic Sprinter – high knee-drive, quick recovery, a stable mid-section and toes-up ground contact to minimize braking and maximize propulsion. This finely tuned training instrument is like nothing you've experienced before and delivers game changing explosive speed to athletes who use it.

The most important difference between treadmill running and running anywhere else is that the treadmill forces athletes to run a certain speed. If they get tired or change their mechanics while running over ground, it’s easy to slow down. The treadmill forces athletes to match its speed – if you don’t you’ll fly off the back.

The Plyo Press

Athletes benefit fully from the Plyo Press as it promotes intense and dynamic exercise. The machine also allows injured athletes to start their rehabilitation and range-of-motion exercises before they are fully weight bearing. More effective than squats and leg presses, the Plyo Press activates the greatest muscle activity possible.

The Plyo Platform

With SprintCord technology built into its frame, athletes use the Plyo Platform to develop keen body awareness, strength, agility, and fast response rates. Contact-sport athletes learn to quickly outmaneuver competitors. Others can respond instantly to ball location, changing field conditions, and competitor positions.

Cord Technology

Along with a specialized training protocol, cord technology helps build sport-specific power skills. Athletes looking to amp up the oomph behind every movement will benefit.

Cord technology enhances workouts by providing resistance to upper and lower body extremities, while building more powerful motions. Here's a look at the different types of cords we use and what they can do for you:

  • SprintCords stimulate lower extremity muscles used for running or hockey program sessions.
  • PowerCord® provides upper extremity resistance to the arms, trunk and shoulders for better movements in sports such as hockey, basketball, volleyball and baseball/softball.
  • ThrowingCord improves velocity by manipulating the neuromuscular system and developing strength and mechanics used in throwing—from a baseball to a javelin.
  • HittingCord/Harness recruits all muscles involved in swinging a bat, a golf club, or a tennis racquet to develop greater swing speed and hip rotation.
  • KickingCord engages muscles for optimal mechanics—concentric and eccentric strength—which contribute to successful results for place-kickers and punters, soccer players, and martial artists.