Intermountain's world-renowned surgeons and surgical services teams are committed to helping you and your loved one feel healthier and happier. We understand that surgery is a significant decision, and our highly-trained physicians carefully consider each case to ensure that our patients receive only the procedures that they need to get well sooner and to stay well.

Our expert surgical services team practices in Intermountain's top-ranked facilities, using proven approaches and innovative technology to deliver improved outcomes and decreased recovery time. Our services are available across Utah and the Rocky Mountain Region, providing extraordinary care at an affordable cost near you. See below to learn more about our team approach to care, or to find an Intermountain doctor or facility near your home.

Team Approach

You’ll join a team of surgeons and nurses to work together and find solutions tailored to your medical and personal needs. We know your input is crucial to positive medical outcomes, and together we’ll reach effective treatment decisions.

Convenient Care

We offer both inpatient and outpatient surgical services at a wide variety of locations throughout Utah and Southern Idaho, bringing you quality care close to home.

Experienced Providers

When it comes to your health, experience matters. Our leading surgeons draw from years of experience and knowledge to deliver the best quality of care possible.

Proven Technology

Our surgery experts are committed to keeping up with and implementing cutting-edge technology to improve surgical outcomes.

Better Cost Management

We deliver the right care in the right setting at the right time. We won’t over-treat you or misuse resources. 



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Surgery Pre-Op and Post-Op Classes

Learn how to prepare for an upcoming surgery at an Intermountain Hospital or clinic.