Intermountain providers are now offering video visits for routine and new patient visits, follow-ups, prescription med checks and more.

Have a live visit with your provider using your smartphone, tablet/iPad, or computer from your home. If you think a video visit may be right for you, call your provider’s office.

How does a video visit work? 

  • Call to schedule your appointment.
  • The clinic will give you specific instructions for joining our video visit via smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • At your scheduled time, your provider will send you a link to join your appointment.
  • Video visits are covered by most insurance plans and billed the same as an in-clinic appointment.  

Will a video visit work for me?

Call your provider to find out. Not all conditions can be seen via video, but your provider can decide the best type of appointment for you. We are still open for in-clinic appointments as well, depending on what you need to be seen for.  

Which specialists can see patients via video?

Primary Care, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Oncology, Allergy, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, ENT and more. 

Are video visits easy to use?

Yes, they are as easy as answering a FaceTime call on your phone.

What technology is needed for a video visit?

Your smartphone (Apple or Android phone), iPad or other tablet, or your computer can be used for a video visit. When you call to schedule your appointment, the scheduler will ask whether you prefer to receive your appointment link via text or email. It will no longer be necessary to download a connect care app for these video visits.

How can I prepare for my video visit? 

When you schedule your appointment, your provider’s office will offer step by step instructions on joining the visit with your provider.

At your appointment time, your provider will send you a link to join your appointment.

At your appointment time, find a quiet, well-lit area away from distractions to chat with your provider.

What are patients saying about video visits?

Because I am older and considered at risk for COVID-19, I was grateful to be able to video chat with my provider who is very much aware of my health issues. Her call was prompt at the scheduled time. We quickly went through my symptoms and decided on some new prescriptions to help. We also talked about upcoming prescriptions that needed to be refilled from my mail order pharmacy. I felt her genuine concern for my welfare and my needs were met. Her questions about my symptoms helped me realize that she would have had me come to the clinic if there was any cause for concern to be seen in person. I feel that video visits are a wonderful option for those of us at high risk or anybody!” – Cindy Swenson