There are many opportunities for people who wish to donate organs or tissues. There are not absolute age limits to organ donation, so even if you're 80 or 90 years you may still be a good donor. Medical evaluation of the the potential donor is assessed at the time of death to determine organs which may be recovered, and organ donation is never discussed until this point. Whether or not you are an organ donor has no impact on the level of care you receive while in the hospital. Do not rule yourself out as a potential donor, as many donations are feasible despite certain medical conditions and age. You are never too old to be considered.

In Utah, you may register to be a donor at Although your registration is legal consent for donation, it is advisable to talk to your family about your wishes. This conversation will give them comfort and a positive direction should this become reality.​​​​​​

Living Donation

Intermountain Medical Center is one of the leaders in the country in the number of Good Samaritan kidney donor surgeries that we have performed.​ Living donations are best when possible because it means shorter waiting times both for the recipient and everyone else still on the waiting list, and better outcomes. We offer living donor transplants for kidney, bone marrow, and liver. Follow the links below to learn more about living donation.