Insurance Coverage

Your insurance may cover your Connect Care visit. Choose your primary insurance plan name (if available) and enter your member ID. Connect Care will then attempt to verify your eligibility and adjust your cost, which will not exceed $59. We may find, after your visit, that your primary plan will cover part or all of the cost of the visit. If this happens, we will refund any balance owed to you to your credit card. Please allow for 4-6 weeks for refund processing depending upon your insurance. Call our billing department if you have questions.

COVID-19 Charge Changes

Many insurance plans are currently covering Connect Care for COVID-19 related visits or in some cases all Connect Care Urgent Care visits. If your insurance plan does cover the cost of your visit, but the pricing in Connect Care at your time of visit does not reflect the expected price, you can bypass entering a Credit Card and making payment by using the code: COVID19 on the payment screen (Enter in the Coupon Code field). Please check your insurance coverage before using this code.  Connect Care will follow standard claims submission process after visits to verify patient copays following visits using this code and if applicable send a bill.

The below list is not comprehensive. For more information on Connect Care coverage for your specific plan or information on plan reimbursement, contact your insurance company or HR department. 


Coverage varies by plan. For details, call Member Services at 1-800-538-5038.

Employers services via BAS Benefits

Includes Campbell Scientific, Icon Health and Fitness, Inovar, Juniper Systems and LW Miller.


The following plans cover Connect Care: Deseret Choice Hawaii, Deseret Premier (Choice), Deseret Select, Deseret Protect, Deseret Value, and Missionary Medical.

HealthCare Partners Plans

UHC AARP Medicare Complete and Humana HMO plans

Medicaid (State of Utah) and CHIP plans

This is a covered benefit under the State of Utah's Medicaid Fee For Service plan. We will bill Medicaid for this service.

Medicare (Part A/B)

During COVID-19, Medicare is covering these visits.  Please chose Medicare – Intermountain ACO when selecting an insurance.  Patients attributed to Intermountain’s ACO are covered for Connect Care on an ongoing basis.


Molina Choice, Chip, Medicare and Medicaid plans in Utah cover Connect Care.

Network Care

Some employers under MCA and WMI are covered.


The following STAR and traditional plans cover Connect Care: Advantage, Preferred, Summit, Summit Exclusive and Capital. Call PEHP member services at 801-366-7555 for more information.


We have contracted with these additional payers during the epidemic:


  • AETNA – (Note – Zion’s Bank Employees have ongoing coverage)


For billing questions call: 801-442-1433 during office hours of 9 - 5 PM Monday through Friday.

For inability to access a provider, patient, or have other pharmacy questions regarding a prescription, please call the main support line at the top of this page. For less urgent questions, you can email us at