Quick Tips

Seeing one of our clinicians is as easy as creating a profile and choosing your provider, but to ensure you have the best experience try the following tips:

Mobile App

  • Make sure your devices measure up! Check the system and network requirements in the Troubleshooting guide for specifics on supported iOS and Android devices. Note: browser access of Connect Care on mobile is not supported.
  • If downloading our iOS or Android app, be sure to allow the app to use your camera and microphone—we’ll have trouble seeing or hearing you without them! If you’ve already downloaded the app and said no to these permissions, simply remove the app and reinstall. This won’t affect your account with us.


  • When registering for our service, use your legal name. This helps us to match you to your existing Intermountain Healthcare patient chart. Be sure to let us know in the visit it you have another name you would prefer to be called.
  • When searching for your local pharmacy, our system will find those closest to your home address. If you need to broaden your search, keep in mind that our map is based on geography, not pharmacy names. Find your pharmacy by using cross streets or simply a city and state.


  • Connect Care has a great feature to check things out in advance! When accessing IntermountainConnectCare.org, you’ll see a Test My Computer link in the upper right corner. This will review your Internet connection, speakers, microphone, video and plug-ins to ensure everything is working correctly. Make sure to check this before you connect to a provider.

Waiting Room

  • We will do our best to get you seen quickly. If the provider you selected is currently backed up, our support staff may give you the option to switch to another provider. If you choose to switch, you will need to complete the intake form again prior to your visit.

Visit Visuals

  • We can see you best when you center the camera on yourself and your environment is well lit. Avoid having a window or other bright light source directly behind you so we see your face instead of just a silhouette.

Additional Troubleshooting

man on the phone

Full Guide

Learn Connect Care troubleshooting tips.

System Network Requirements

Figure out exactly what you need to have to use Connect Care.