Mobile Access


For the best experience when using the Intermountain Connect Care app on your Android or iOS device, a wi-fi connection is recommended, and may be required by your operator in order to have a visit.

How to Access

You can access Connect Care from your Android or iOS mobile device using the Connect Care app. Simply visit Google Play or the Apple Store to download the app and follow the instructions to get started!

NOTE: Connect Care is not currently available using the Web browser on your mobile device. Device Requirements To use Connect Care on your mobile device, ensure that your device meets the following requirements: Connect Care app is installed (see above) To support two-way video visits, your device must have a front-facing camera Operating System - iOS (v7.0 or later required) iPhone 4S or later*, iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini, or iPad Air iPod Touch 5th generation Operating System - Android (Gingerbread v2.3.3 or above) Android Phone Android Tablet Not supported: HTC myTouch and Pantech P9070