Connect Care provides free language interpretation for its patients for visits conducted with an Intermountain (look for the logo on their profile) employed provider in the states of Idaho and Utah. Patients can indicate their need for interpretation during the visit intake process and the provider will invite an interpreter to join the conversation. Spanish and ASL interpretation will be provided on demand via video connection. Other languages will be provided based on demand either through video or audio connection. Some interpretation for less common languages may need to be scheduled and will require that the patient have access to a separate phone line for audio interpretation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are available for interpretation?

Connect Care will attempt to provide interpretation for any language. The availability and time to connect to an interpreter will depend on the language required. Once in a visit, we will advise you when an interpreter will be available.

How do I request interpretation?

Requesting Interpretation will differ depending on if you are accessing Connect Care via the website, mobile app or kiosk device. During the intake process look for the following prompts to indicate that you need interpretation:

  • Web /Mobile App – You will be asked if you need interpretation and a space is provided for you to enter the language needed.
  • Kiosk – Look on the visit topic screen. The need for interpretation is listed as one of the visit topics and you can enter the language needed in the free text space under “Other”

How can I find out when an interpreter will be available?

  • Mobile/Web: After connecting to the provider, you will be advised when the interpreter is available. If you are asked to call back at a later time, you will not be charged twice.
  • Kiosk: A kiosk attendant will call our interpretation vendor and then notify you of availability.

Is there a charge for using Interpretation services?

No, there is no additional charge for using interpretation services.

What hours is interpretation services available?

Intermountain is committed to providing interpretation for those who need it. We cannot guarantee 24/7 access for interpretation but will do our best to provide an interpreter between 6am and midnight daily. Be sure to connect with a provider bearing the Intermountain logo on their profile picture.

What if an interpreter is not available when I join the visit? Will I be charged?

If an interpreter is not available when you connect with a provider, you will not be charged for the visit. We will notify you when an interpreter is available and if you need to call back, you will only be charged for a visit when interpretation is available and when the provider can accurately diagnose you online.

Is the Connect Care website or app translated into any language?

No, currently the website and app are only available in English, however translated screenshots of our App are available for Spanish speakers. This guide will be available on a Spanish resources page on the Connect Care website. Screenshot guides in other languages will be made available as demand arises. We recommend having a family or friend assist in the intake process until you are connected with a provider.