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Your Baby

Your baby's senses are fast developing—she can touch, hear, and taste. Ultrasound scans sometimes show babies sticking out their tongues, as if to taste the amniotic fluid.

Soft, fur-like lanugo now covers the entire body. Up top, your baby's scalp may also be sprouting hair.

Your Body

By now, you probably have gained 10 or more pounds. The new weight is distributed throughout your body and to your growing baby. Your doctor or midwife can help determine a healthy pregnancy weight gain for you.

In general, a pregnant woman can expect to gain 2 to 4 pounds in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and slightly less than a pound per week for the rest of her pregnancy.

Healthy Tip

Don't use your pregnancy as an excuse to overindulge with huge portions or sweet treats. For good nutrition during pregnancy, you only need about 300 extra calories a day. Make sure these extra calories come from nutrient-rich foods. Go for extra portions of fruit and vegetables — not extra sodas or desserts.

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