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Your Baby

At 34 weeks, your maturing baby alternates periods of rest or sleep with more active periods. Your baby's skin is smooth, and the fingernails extend to the fingertips.

Your Body

Until now, your baby's movements have been a fairly private affair. You can feel them, someone touching your stomach can feel them — but no one else could detect the great rumpus in your midsection. But now, a baby kick, jab, or roll may be visible through your skin. Your baby is pressing harder against the confines of your uterus, perhaps making his or her presence known more publicly.

Healthy Tip

Choose a doctor for your baby. You may choose a nurse practitioner or a doctor specializing in family medicine or pediatrics (a pediatrician). You may want to schedule a phone call or “get-to-know-you” visit first.

Some things to consider when choosing a pediatrician:

  • Does the healthcare provider accept your medical insurance?
  • Is the office convenient — good location, hours?
  • Have friends or relatives had good experiences with this provider?
  • How do you feel about the provider — do you feel comfortable asking questions and trust the answers you receive?

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