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Your Baby

The lanugo hair and waxy vernix that once covered your baby's body are mostly gone. His skin is smoother and has a layer of fat beneath it. Your baby can now grasp with his fingers. He may also have a common prenatal habit: stroking his face with his fingers.

Your Body

Cleaning. Decorating, Setting up the baby's room. Organizing the kitchen pantry.

According to researchers, pregnant women's “nesting instinct” is quite real, very common, and probably triggered by surging hormones. Whatever the cause, your preoccupation with domestic affairs right now can be handy. It's a good nudge to help you prepare your home for a new resident.

Healthy Tip

As your due date approaches, ease any stress with a healthy balance of preparation and relaxation:

  • Prepare. Ask your healthcare provider any lingering questions you may have about the birth. Pack a bag for the hospital (include an outfit for your newborn to wear home). If you haven't already done so, get an approved car safety seat for your baby.
  • Relax. Take time for yourself. Exercise. Watch a movie or read a great book. Connect with old friends.

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