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Your Baby

The brain and nervous system are fast developing, becoming more complex. The legs and arms begin to “bud.” The arm buds have rounded, paddle-like hands. The umbilical cord — the lifeline that will connect your baby to the nourishing placenta — has formed. Your baby is now about the size of a pinto bean.

Your Body

By now you may have experienced some morning sickness. More than half of all women have nausea (and sometimes vomiting) in early pregnancy. It can happen at any time of the day. For most women, it goes away in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Healthy Tip

To manage morning sickness, try adjusting your diet.

  • Eat lightly, throughout the day. Nausea is often worse on an empty or too-full stomach.
  • Eat what appeals to you. Generally you won't crave a food that will make you ill, so if it sounds good, try it.
  • Enjoy breakfast in bed. Eat dry cereal, toast, or crackers before getting out of bed in the morning.

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