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Safe haven or “baby drop-off” laws aim to prevent the unsafe abandonment of a child. These laws allow a person to anonymously give up a newborn at any 24-hour hospital — no questions asked.

Utah's Law

The Utah Newborn Safe Haven law allows a birth mother or any other person to turn over a newborn (not older than 72 hours) to any staff member at a hospital offering 24-hour services. This law ensures that the person relinquishing the newborn won't be questioned. (However, the person may choose to give medical information that could help in the care of the baby.) This law has protected infants from injury and death by providing a safe place for the baby and secrecy for the person dropping off the newborn.

If you have questions about Utah Newborn Safe Haven, please visit the website or call the hotline at 1-866-458-0058. Idaho law allows a birth mother or other person to relinquish a baby (not older than 30 days) at any hospital offering 24-hour services. 

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