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Pregnancy and baby

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Low-intervention birth

We offer low-intervention birth methods, caregivers, and programs designed to support the birth experience that's right for you.

Empowering families who want an unmedicated birth experience

A low-intervention birth is an unmedicated birthing experience with limited technological monitoring.

There are many ways to have a low or lower-intervention birth experience at Intermountain Health while still benefiting from the support of trained medical professionals in the safety of a hospital or birthing center.

A low-intervention birth might be a good option if you’re:

  • Interested in an unmedicated birth
  • Are willing to learn alternative pain management & relaxation techniques for labor
  • Have a low-risk pregnancy
  • Are pregnant with a single baby
  • Go into labor (without an induction) between 37-41 weeks
  • Have a doula or another labor support person
  • Are researching a birthing center or are looking for a more home-like birth experience

Woman sitting on a couch, holding her stomach while a doctor examines her with a stethoscope

A nurturing space for your baby’s birth

We’re proud to offer birthing options that allow you to create the right birth experience for you, including:

  • Low-intervention birth programs and birth centers. Low-intervention birth programs are available at select hospitals or birth centers if you have a low-risk pregnancy. Certified nurse-midwives and specially designed labor suites create a home-like birth experience with the comfort of medical support close at hand.

    While in labor, you may be supported by different holistic techniques and in-room amenities to help you relax and manage pain, depending on where you give birth.
  • Midwife-supported birth. If you don’t live near one of our low-intervention birth programs, you can still choose to have a low-intervention birth in a traditional hospital or birthing room supported by a certified nurse-midwife.

    Some of our hospitals also offer birthing suites with amenities designed to bring the comforts of a home into your birth experience, including tubs and birthing balls.
  • Lower intervention or unmedicated birth. You can choose lower intervention birth methods or have an unmedicated birth, no matter where you deliver.

    Talk to your care provider to help guide your decision on your birth experience and understand the options available in your local hospital or birth center.

What if I want pain medication?

Many of our low-intervention birth programs and caregivers embrace unmedicated birth practices; however, pain medication is available in many hospital settings if you need it.

Talk to your care provider to learn about the options available at your birthing location.

Pregnant woman laying on the couch while another woman examines her stomach


Our certified nurse-midwives provide a personalized and holistic approach to childbirth for low-risk pregnancies and mothers.

Find a midwife
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Learn more about low-intervention birth

Low intervention birth options may be available at your desired birth facility. Speak with your provider to learn more about your specific choices for your area.

We also offer specialized low-intervention birth services at the following locations in Utah, Denver, and Western Colorado:

Simply Birth™ (Utah)
Birth Center of Denver (Colorado)
Bloomin Babies Birth Center (Colorado)

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