Ear Discomfort

Generally, patients have no after-effects from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, some patients report a “crackling” or a feeling of fullness in the ears during certain stages of treatment. This is similar to what is felt while flying in an airplane or driving down a canyon as the eardrum responds to changes in pressure.

You will be taught several easy methods to avoid ear pain. If you are unable to equalize your ears, you may need pressure tubes in each eardrum. These would be placed by an ear, nose and throat specialist.


A few people feel anxiety from being confined in a small space. If if you have anxiety we will be available to help you.

Vision Changes

Patients sometimes have minor, temporary vision changes if having more than 20 treatments. This is usually temporary and usually does not mean you need a change in your prescription or need new lenses. You should expect your vision to return to normal within three to four months after you stop having treatments.

Not Appropriate For All Patients

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medicine, and therefore carries risk and is not right for some patients. Patients with underlying heart or lung disease (such as emphysema) are at greater risk for complications with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We may need to do more testing to ensure that we can safely treat you.