Intermountain Healthcare is committed to ensuring that all persons have an equal opportunity to access and participate in its programs and activities. This includes providing reasonable accommodations for those who need communication assistance, whether it is due to a disability such as the deaf or hard of hearing, or to Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Interpretation services are offered FREE of charge in all of our facilities, at all points of contact, and during all hours of operations.


To ensure effective and timely communication, we may utilize one or a combination of the following interpretation modalities:

  • In-person interpreters
  • Video remote interpretation (“VRI”- using dedicated devices)
  • Telephonic interpretation- in over 200 languages
  • Translated documents

For pre-scheduled appointments — Notify us of the need for interpretation, either for you or any family member or companion, during the appointment scheduling process. Alert the scheduler of any additional special needs or preferences (between in-person, video remote interpretation (iPad), or telephone interpretation). If in-person interpretation is desired, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that depending on the language, location of the facility, and time and length of the appointment, in-person interpreters may not always be available; if this were the case a qualified remote (VRI and/or audio-only (telephonic)) interpreter will be made available.


For emergency or unscheduled visits — let our staff at the reception desk know that you would like an interpreter as soon as you arrive. If in-person interpretation is desired, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that in-person interpreters’ availability varies depending on the language, time of the day, the facility’s location, etc.. If we are unable to find a qualified in-person interpreter in a timely manner, a qualified video remote (VRI and/or audio-only (telephonic) interpreters will be made available to avoid delay in care.

Because your health is so important to us, we only allow qualified medical interpreters in our facilities, and the services are always FREE OF CHARGE. Family members (especially children), friends, or non-trained bilingual individuals should not be relied upon as interpreters. If you have concerns about the quality of the services received, or desire to have someone that is not qualified by Intermountain as your interpreter during your visit, please let our staff know and a Language Services Representative will be able to assist you.


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